Rent A Cottage In Scotland

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Scottish Cooking

One of the pleasures of visiting a country is sampling its native dishes. And in Scotland, despite its northerly latitude, our hills, rivers, forests, farms and seas provide one of the richest and most varied menus in Europe. Until the middle of the eighteenth century, communications in Scotland were sparse and most communities lived in a degree of isolation unthinkable today. Thus many of their dishes assumed a local character, based on the ingredients available to them. Find good Scottish recipes.

Weather In Scotland

Nobody comes to Scotland in September to get a sun tan. But first-time visitors are sometimes uncertain about what sort of weather they are going to find during their stay in Scotland, especially if they hear: "If you don't like the Scottish weather, wait half an hour and it'll change." The secret is to bring layers of clothing so that you are prepared for all weather conditions. Check out the weather forecast.