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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tour Sacred Scotland

This 7/8day tour of sacred Christian sites is led and guided by Jackie Queally who has led tours of early Christian and prehistoric sites since 1999. She is the original tour guide to Rosslyn Chapel and has written four booklets and two guides on this and other historic and sacred aspects of Scottish sites. She has also produced audio files on the ley lines of Scotland, having studied them for many years with experts in that field. Her collaborator and dear friend Ivor is an experienced tour guide in Scotland who organizies the logistical and travel matters for the tours. This combination ensures an exhilarating and not to be forgotten experience. It is the spiritual and magical quality of the sites that will leave you with lasting impressions. The historic and "energetic" elements of the sites are explained to you personally. There a number of significant ley lines you can dowse with pendulums of rods made available to you if you wish to connect at that level. This tour covers many sites that are complimentary to Rosslyn and Jackie can explain why this is so. The sites often stimulate and refresh people in a very deep manner. Tour Sacred Scotland.

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