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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tour Scotland Airth Highland Games

Best Scottish Tours of Airth Highland Games. A windy, but sunny, day here in Scotland. The Scottish Highland Games at Airth were well worth the visit, not only for the weather, but also for wonderful displays of dancing and piping. The village of Airth lies near Falkirk, on the old road that parallels the south bank of the River Forth from Stirling to Grangemouth, Scotland. Airth Highland Games has a long history, going back to 1871 in fact. It may be that their origins are even further buried in the mists of time than that for there is a local legend that they stem from the games and sports played by Prince James's rebel soldiers camping in Airth in 1488, on their way to the battle of Sauchieburn. This is highly possible as the battlefield is only about seven miles away and because of its position, Airth has always had soldiers tramping through it on their way to one battle or another. Airth Highland Games Photographs.

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