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Thursday, August 02, 2007

On The Trail of Scotland's Myths and Legends

On The Trail of Scotland's Myths and Legends. A journey through Scotland’s past from the earliest times through the medium of the awe-inspiring stories that were at the heart our ancestors’ traditions and beliefs. As the art of storytelling bursts into new flower, many tales are being told again as they once were. As On the Trail of Myths and Legends unfolds, mythical animals, supernatural beings, heroes, giants and goddesses come alive and walk Scotland’s rich landscape as they did in the time of the Scots, Gaelic and Norse speakers of the past. Visiting over one hundred and seventy sites across Scotland, Stuart McHardy traces the lore of our ancestors, connecting ancient beliefs with traditions still alive today. Presenting a new picture of who the Scots are and where they have come from, this book provides an insight into a unique tradition of myth, legend and folklore that has marked the language and landscape of Scotland. On the Trail of Scotland's Myths and Legends (On the Trail of).

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