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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tour Scotland Famous Battlefield

Tour Scotland Famous Battlefield. The last battle on British soil, Culloden marked the end of clan culture, was the harbinger of the Highland Clearances, ensured the inevitability of the American Revolution, and increased the outpouring of Scots across the globe. It is the only battle that British Army regiments are not permitted to include on their battle honors; the only battle that Bonnie Prince Charlie ever lost; and the only battle that Cumberland ever won. As visitors make their way to the site of Culloden, they bring with them their stories and their grandfather's stories—sometimes haunting, sometimes humorous, but always impressive. A poignant location, resonant with past deeds and emotive memories, the battlefield inevitably affects those who work there, including the author. Having worked there for many years, he has collected these stories and offers them here as a unique record of the power of the place. There are tales from both before and during the battle, stories from those who visit from all corners of the globe, and tales from those who work there. These stories tell of civil war, love, the unexpected, and even the supernatural. Culloden Tales: Stories from Scotland's Most Famous Battlefield.

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