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Friday, October 31, 2008

Tour Scotland Haunted Glasgow

Tour Scotland Haunted Glasgow. Scotland's leading authority on the supernatural and unexplained phenomena turns his attention to Glasgow, a city he considers to be Scotland's most haunted. It is a place he knows well, having written a column for the 'Evening Times' on these matters for many years. In this meticulously researched book Halliday looks at a wide variety of subjects and begins with the founding of the city by the mystical Christain saint, Kentigern, who was drawn to the area by its druidic and pagan past. He then turns to the city's intimate links with the Knights Templar, links that prompt him to ask if it is Glasgow Cathedral and not Rosslyn Chapel that is the location of the fabled Holy Grail. In more recent times Glasgow has been the focus of intense poltergeist activity and there are vivid accounts of the terrifying ordeals suffered by many of its citizens. Nor has Glasgow been a stranger to UFO encounters; the city has been the focus for many unexplained 'visits' by strange spacecraft and some even claim to have met aliens in the 'flesh'. There are innumerable weird stories to relate, phantom beasts, vampire activity, victims of spontaneous human combustion, horse mutilations, Uri Geller's bizarre plan to save Partick Thistle and the Glasgow University doctor who tried to bring the dead back to life. And then there are Glasgow's ghosts, the spectres that haunt some of its most-famous buildings, including the Theatre Royal, the former BBC HQ in Queen Margaret Drive and Kelvingrove art gallery and museum, where the author carried out a special psychic investigation. Infamous for the number of murders it experiences Halliday, in a particularly chilling chapter, wonders whether some of Glasgow's most notorious slayings have been influenced by other-worldly forces, forces that have encouraged men to commit the ultimate crime. Haunted Glasgow

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