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Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Memoirs of a Gordon Highlander

Perilous Road To Rome and Beyond. The Memoirs of a Gordon Highlander. The author fought with the 6th Battalion of the Gordon Highlanders during the campaigns of 1st Army in Tunisia and in Italy thereafter. As a young platoon commander he and his men were in the thick of the fighting. Wounded during the desperate action at Anzio, he wrote notes of all that had happened in exact detail and the result is a memoir both fresh and authentic. This is one of the most gripping memoirs we have published, on a par with Geoffrey Powell's Men At Arnhem. The author also describes the actions of other regiments, particularly the Guards Brigade at Anzio, and US units, alongside whom he fought.In the closing stages of the book he shares his post-conflict experiences and convalescence with the reader in a moving way. PERILOUS ROAD TO ROME AND BEYOND: The Memoirs of a Gordon Highlander.

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