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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tartan Pimpernel

The Tartan Pimpernel. The Tartan Pimpernel is the remarkable autobiography of Donald Caskie, minister of the Scots Kirk in Paris at the time of the German invasion of France in 1940. Although he had several opportunities to flee, Caskie remained there to help establish a network of safe houses and escape routes for Allied soldiers and airmen trapped in occupied territory. The seamen's mission he set up in Marseilles was in fact the largest clearing-house in France for stranded British soldiers and airmen. This was dangerous work, but, despite the constant threat of capture and execution, Caskie showed enormous resourcefulness and courage as he aided thousands of servicemen to freedom. Finally arrested and interrogated, he was sentenced to death at a Nazi showtrial, and it was only through the intervention of a German pastor that he was saved. After the war, Caskie returned to the Scots kirk, where served as minister until 1960. This inspiring story of selfless commitment to others in extreme adversity is the truly brave man. TARTAN PIMPERNEL, THE.

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