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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tour Scotland Gaelic Proverbs

Proverbs from the Gaelic:

Choose your wife with her night-cap on.

There is meat and music here, as the fox said when he ran away with the bagpipes.

The oar that's nearest at hand, row with it.

Despise your old shoes when you get your new ones.

There never was good or ill without a woman being concerned in it.

Marriage will sober love.

Going to ruin is silent work.

The heaviest ear of corn bends its head the lowest.

The fool may pass for wise if he holds his tongue.

Say but little and say it well.

It is no secret when three know it.

If you cannot bite, do not show your teeth.

The slow horse will reach the mill,
But the one that breaks its bones will not.

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