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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tour Scotland The Mediaeval Castles of Skye and Lochalsh

Tour Scotland The Mediaeval Castles of Skye and Lochalsh. I will be touring the Isle of Skye this week with four American guests and will be taking this book with me, as it really gives a thorough account of the medieval castles around the Isle of Skye.

The castles of Hebridean myth and story are brought to life in this scholarly yet easy-to-read book. Roger Miket explores the history and architecture of the settings associated with blood-curdling dramas such as the murderous goings-on at Dun Sgaith or the far-fetched yarns of Saucy Mary and CĂș Chulainn. Many of the castles are shown in reconstruction and all the architectural descriptions are fully illustrated making them clear to both expert and amateur historians. Together with the earlier broachs and duns, the castles are the principal material survivals of the great pageant of Hebridean history. Mediaeval Castles of Skye and Lochalsh.

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