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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tour Scotland Highland Enchantment

Tour Scotland Highland Enchantment. Hello Sandy Stevenson,
It would be really great if you added my novel to your web site. Here is a short description of the novel. "Alyssa Mead's well-ordered life is turned upside down when she inherits a bleak and rambling house on a remote Scottish island. Curious to know why the house was left to her, Alyssa soon becomes dangerously entangled with the local islanders. Increasingly aware of an unseen presence which lurks in the shadows, she finds herself slipping between two worlds. With a growing sense of unease, Alyssa fears a ghost from the past is trying to possess her. To her dismay, she discovers there is a rival claimant to the old house. And what about the enigmatic Rory, where does he fit in? The island holds many secrets for Alyssa to uncover..." Best wishes from Charmian Stewart (Bondi) . Highland Enchantment.

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