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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Scottish Whisky Distilleries

A comprehensive directory of every distillery in Scotland. It is meticulously researched and all-encompassing in its attention to detail. The Scottish Whisky Distilleries: For the Whisky Enthusiast.

Author Michael Jackson and photographer Harry Cory Wright have produced a doubly individual portrait of Scotland, viewed through a gregarious glass. Whether they are studying ancient forms of barley in the Orkneys, drinking tea with peat-cutters while a storm brews over Islay, or favouring the finished product by the shore at sundown, they bring a personal understanding to the magic of malt. Anyone with even the slightest fancy for Scotland or its water of life will gain much from joining their explorations. Scotland and Its Whiskies: The Great Whiskies, the Distilleries and Their Landscapes.

This text details the remnants and ruins of almost every Victorian working distillery in Scotland. This revised edition updates the most recent closures and includes additional photographs. The author brings to life a large portion of Scottish industrial heritage, enlivened by worker interviews. Scotch Missed: Lost Distilleries of Scotland.

Those who discover malt whisky quickly learn that the malts made on the Isle of Islay are some of the wildest and most characterful in the malt-whisky spectrum. Islay's fascinating story is uncovered: from its history and stories of the many shipwrecks which litter its shores, to intimate descriptions of the beautiful wildlife, landscape and topography of the island. Interwoven through these different narrative strands comes the story of the whiskies themselves, traced from a distant past of bothies and illegal stills to present-day legality and prosperity. The flavour of each spirit is analysed and the differences between them teased out, as are the stories of the notable men and women who have played such a integral part in their creation. This is the last word on Islay and its whiskies. Peat Smoke and Spirit: A Portrait of Islay and Its Whiskies.

Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2007 is fourth edition of the highly successful and innovative book that had its genesis in 2003. This established market leader is published well in time for Christmas whisky-buying surge and takes account of all the latest developments in the world of the wee dram. What makes this book such a tour de force, however, is the tasting notes on hundreds and hundreds of different brands. Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.

Do you know your Mortlach from your Miltonduff? A Glenfiddich from a Glenlugie? Find out the differences in Michael Jackson's new edition of his celebrated guide to single malts. This is an essential read for the whisky connoisseur. Malt Whisky Companion.

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