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Friday, November 24, 2006

Dundee History

Dundee History. This is a fascinating and accessible short history of Dundee. Norman Watson's pen sweeps across Dundee's cityscape for a new and absorbing history which will be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. From revisiting the city's origins to describing its recent achievements, his journey through time reveals the very soul and spirit of the city. "Dundee: A Short History" vividly describes the city's thrilling and turbulent history, its poverty and prosperity, its see-sawing cultural identity and growing reputation in science, education and the arts. Marrying a journalist's instincts to authoritative but readable research, Watson pulls no punches on his way through the changing centuries. Where are the legacies of jute, jam and journalism? Why was the old Overgate demolished? Why is Tayside House still standing? What went wrong with the Waterfront? He explores and he reports, writing intuitively on the character of a city cherished by Dundonians the world over - but one whose story is often hidden from history and mainstream Scottish thinking. Accompanied by fascinating photographs, "Dundee: A Short History" is a book which shines like a searchlight on a city passing through a period of exciting development and change. Dundee: A Short History.

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