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Friday, November 24, 2006


Iona. Iona, Sacred Spectacular Living, is a visual delight. Not only in the range and particularity of its colour photographs but also in the inclusion in oil and watercolours, sketches and engravings, of a painterly perspective. The section on the wildlife of the island is a vivid illustration of George MacLeod's whole earth crying glory. The Isle of Iona: Sacred, Spectacular, Living (Island Tributes).

The Hebridean island of Iona has been the focus of intense outside interest for over 1400 years, from the time of St Columba's monastery in the sixth century through to the transfer of its renowned monuments into the care of Historic Scotland in the year 2000. Yet the people who lived and worked alongside its sacred sites have been largely overshadowed until now. This book aims to redress the balance, taking an in-depth look at Iona's economic and social history during the 18th and 19th centuries - a period that saw profound change across the Highlands and Islands. It charts the agricultural reorganization that led to a crofting system, follows the islanders through the harsh decade of the potato famine and records their worship and education, their crafts and customs, and the ties of kinship that underpinned their community. A broad range of sources are woven together - documentary, material, topographical and photographic, along with oral testimony handed down the generations - to create a vivid picture of Iona's past. Iona: The Living Memory of a Crofting Community.

Iona. Remote, romantic and often mysterious, the islands off the coast of Scotland hold a strong fascination for thousands of visitors each year. Focusing on Mull and Iona, this title is one of a series of illustrated guidebooks providing information on heritage, landscape, climate, flora and fauna. Mull and Iona (Pevensey Island Guides).

A war hero and successful young minister in Edinburgh during the 1920s, George MacLeod shocked his many admirers by taking a post in Govan, a poor and depressed area of Glasgow, and moving inexorably towards socialism and pacifism during the depression years. It was during this time that he embarked on the rebuilding of the ancient abbey on the Isle of Iona, taking with him unemployed craftsmen from the shipyards of the Clyde and trainee ministers, whom he persuaded to work as labourers. Out of this was the Iona Community. George MacLeod: Founder of the Iona Community.

Iona has been of deep spiritual significance and inspiration to Kenneth Steven since his early childhood. This fifth collection of poems draws on his long association with the West Coast of Scotland and with Iona in particular. Iona: Poems.

The first book to tell the story of Alexander and Euphemia Ritchie, pioneers in the 20th century revival of Celtic jewellery. They trained at the Glasgow School of Art in the 1890s, during the decade of the renowned Glasgow Style. Their unique craft shop ran on the historic island of Iona from 1899 until 1941 and inspired a succeeding wave of silversmiths. Iona Celtic Art: The Work of Alexander and Euphemia Ritchie.

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