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Friday, November 24, 2006

Highland Salmon Rivers

Highland Salmon Rivers. It has been said that no amount of money could ever create a salmon river. Perhaps this helps to explain why salmon rivers have always been so desirable and cherished - particularly in those more remote parts of Scotland with few natural assets. The author charts two centuries of development right through to the present day on more than 50 different salmon systems. The fascinating histories of these rivers, including ownership and traditions, have never been explored in book form before; previous books on Scottish salmon rivers have tended to be snapshots, focusing on the situation at the time. This volume is the product of extensive research and includes a great deal of anecdotal material from the archives - all of which contributes to a river's character. Whilst written from the angler's perspective, it has a wider appeal to anyone seriously interested in the social and cultural history of the Highlands and Islands. This important work is the most comprehensive volume ever written on Scotland's northern salmon rivers. The Salmon Rivers of the North Highlands and the Outer Hebrides.

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