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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Elie Ancestry Tour Scotland

Elie Ancestry Tour Scotland. Spent today in the villages of Elie and Earlsferry in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland. Elie is very close to where I was raised in Scotland, in a fishing village called Cellardyke. Elie Photographs. Elie in 1846, a parish, and burgh of barony, in the district of St. Andrew's, county of Fife, three miles from Colinsburgh; containing 907 inhabitants, of whom 829 are in the village. This place is supposed to have derived its name from the marshy nature of the soil previously to the modern improvements in agriculture, and a portion of land bordering on the loch of Kilconquhar still retains that character. The manor has been for many generations in the family of Anstruther, of whom the first baronet, Sir William Anstruther, represented the county of Fife from the year 1681 to 1709, and was made a lord of session in the reign of Queen Anne, strenuously exerting himself for the establishment and maintenance of the Protestant religion. A small harbour on the coast here seems to have been formerly very much resorted to as a place of safety, in stress of weather, by ships navigating the Frith of Forth, as, if they missed this haven, there was no other till they were driven on the coast of Norway. It was easy of access, and perfectly secure; and in a petition presented to the privy council for its repair, it is stated that it had afforded protection to more than 300 troops that must otherwise have perished in a storm. It is now in a very ruinous and dilapidated condition, but, from a survey recently made, it appears that it might be completely repaired, and rendered one of the best harbours on the coast of Fife. The parish, separated from that of Kilconquhar about the year 1639, is two miles in length, from east to west, and one mile in breadth, and is bounded on the south by the sea; it comprises 1570 acres, of which 1464 are arable, 50 woodland and plantations, and the remainder pasture and waste. The surface is generally flat, and the sands along the shore are peculiarly commodious for bathing: a small rivulet, issuing from the loch of Kilconquhar, traverses the parish, and falls into the harbour; but there is no river.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1799.
25th April Helen Chapman.
20th May Mary Alllan.
28th June James Walker.
26th July Sir John Anstruther, Bart.
8th Aug Agnes Galloway.
23rd Aug Margaret Luken.
9th Oct James Patterson's child.
21st Oct Agnes Cowie.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1800.
18th Jan David Wilson's child.
26th Jan Peter Jarvis, Farmer, Balmonth.
11th July Janet Wright.
14th July Robert Bridges, Merchant.
14th July Philip Galloway.
26th June John Hay's child.
15th Nov Charles Chapman, Carpenter.
10th Dec Alexander Milne, Shoemaker.
22nd Dec Janet Downie.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1801.
11th Feb Mrs. Spaldon.
6th March James Brown's child.
27th March Agnes Ovenstone.
30th March Robert Preston's child.
26th April A child belonging to a Soldier.
4th May William Wood, Merchant.
15th May Christian Stocks.
31st May Mechial Dewar's wife.
3rd July Andrew Pousty's child.
3rd July A man found at the Saucher.
6th Sept Catherine Durie's child.
6th Dec Mrs Gray.
24th Dec William Walker, Shoemaker.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1802.
28th Jan Charles Stewart's child.
17th Feb Lady Anstruther, died in London, aged 75 years.
10th April Mary Brown, spouse of John Ovenstone, Taft.
21st April John Bridges, Baker, aged 84 years.
20th May Benjamin Calman's child.
10th June Mrs Sime, Spouse of William Sime, Carter.
2nd Oct Agnes Brown, daughter of William Brown, Weaver.
14th Nov A daughter of Robert Thomson, Fisherman, Elie Taft.
7th Dec Philip Calman, son of Benjamin Calman.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1803.
21st Jan Agnes Purson, daughter of George Purson, Mason.
11th March Jean Brown.
31st March Thomas White Wright.
10th April A child of the deceased Thomas White.
14th April Janet Horsburgh, Spouse of Thomas.
30th April Elizabeth Wishart.
6th May Andrew Pousty's child.
9th May Thomas Douglas.
9th May Isabel Pousty.
24th June Margaret Tullis' child - 5 feet South of West door.
26th June David Marr's wife.
13th July Mrs Birrell.
15th July Catherine Thomson.
17th July Ann Steel.
22nd July John Ballingall, Earlsferry.
27th July William Ovenstone, Fisherman, Elie Taft.
31st Aug Helen Chalmers.
22nd Sept James Taylor, Thatcher.
4th Dec Isobel Given, Spouse of the late Thomas Douglas.
18th Dec Mr Chalmers.
21st Dec Agnes Maitland.
24th Dec Betty McIntosh.
31st Dec Agnes Wishart.
31st Dec Alexander Lefsels.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1804.
24th Jan John Bains, Sailor.
2nd Feb John Hindmarch.
13th Mar Suffie Carstairs.
23rd Mar Mary Durkie.
3rd April John White, Schoolwynd, aged 92 years.
7th April Mrs Wood, aged 83 years.
16th April A son of Mr Scrimgour.
14th May Alexander Melvin, late Cook in Revenue Cutter.
24th May William Swan, son of George Swan, Baker Elie.
17th June Doctor Airken, Elie.
7th Sept Mrs Anstruther.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1805.
8th Jan Margaret Allan.
12th Jan Ann McIntosh.
22nd Jan Janet Mackie, Spouse of John Goven, Weaver, Kilconquhar.
25th Jan William Herd, son of William Herd, Shoemaker.
29th Mar A man Named Wymiss, belonging to St. Andrews, one of the crew of a Vessel belonging to
Dundee which was lost, with all hands, between the Fish rock, and "Lady's House," on a
Dark stormy night, none having witnessed the sad event. Having been 4 weeks in the water.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1805.
2nd May William Duddingston of St. Ford.
9th May Cecilia Brown, Spouse of William Brown, Weaver in Elie.
11th June Ann Stevens, Spouse of William Bruce, Weaver.
13th Sept George Purson, Mason, Elie.
5th Oct Joseph Boyd, Son of George Boyd, Tailor.
4th Dec Christian Mackie.
31st Dec David Robertson, Son of Peter Robertson, Second Mate of the "Charlotte" Cutter.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1806.
11th Jan Mary Galloway, daughter of Robert Galloway, Ploughman.
27th Jan Janet Boyd, daughter of William Boyd, Rottenrow.
1st Feb Janet Smith, Spouse of John Calman.
2nd Feb A man belonging to Pathhead who was lost from a boat at "West Sea."
12th Mar Mrs Chalmers, Spouse of Peter Chalmers, Elie.
5th April Agnes Taylor, grandchild of John Flee, Elie.
28th July Janet Black, Spouse of deceased William Walker Wright.
24th Sept Mrs Jarvis, Spouse of Peter Jarvis, Farmer, Balmonth.
17th Oct James Sime, Carpenter, Elie.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1807.
3rd Feb James Stevenson, or Steenson, Elie.
19th Feb William Brown, late Cook, Elie House.
5th Mar Christian Black, Elie.
8th April Elizabeth Bennett, Spouse of George Swan, Baker, Elie.
9th April Margaret Ballingall, Spouse to the deceased Andrew White, Weaver, Drumeldrie.
20th April Mathew Taylor, Parish Schoolmaster, Elie.
21st April Jean Rainie, Spouse of David Leuchars, Sailor, Elie.
31st May Christian Milne, Spouse of Thomas Foggo.
28th June John Dougla, Tailor, Elie.
9th July Jean Birrell, sister of George Birrell, Sailor.
11th July Isobel Given, daughter of the late Robert Given, Weaver, Elie.
31st Oct Isobel Bridges, cousin of John Bridges, Baker, Elie.
21st Nov Helen Boak, Spouse of James Glenday, Heckler.
15th Dec Jean Forbes, daughter of the late Alexander Forbes, Tailor, Balcleavie.
16th Dec Mary Bruce, sister of William Bruce, Weaver, Elie.
28th Dec Mysie Given, Spouse of the deceased Archibald Thom, Sailor, Elie.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1808.
7th Jan Sir Philip Anstruther, Bart.
7th Jan Peter Jervis, Tenant, Balmonth.
5th Feb Edward Anderson, Weaver, Elie.
18th Feb Margaret Coventry, sister of the late Peter Coventry.
19th Feb John Cowie's young child.
7th Mar John Thomson, son of Robert Thomson, Fisherman, Taft, Died of measles.
7th Mar Walter Berwick, son of Charles Berwick, Brewer, Died of measles.
16th Mar Robert Dewarm son of Michael Dewar, Carter.
28th Mar Margaret Calman, daughter of Benjamin Calman, Weaver, Elie.
11th April Agnes Cumming, daughter of William Cumming, Carter, Elie.
18th April Mary Mason, daughter of William Mason, Sailor, Earlsferry.
26th April Mary Gilmour, Spouse of deceased Archibald Thom, Flesher, Elie.
6th May James Greig, Weaver, Earlsferry.
23rd Sept William Robertson, Senior, Sailor, Elie.
20th Nov Ann Clark, daughter of William Clark, Jobbing gardener, Elie.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1809
29th Jan John Lawson, Farmer, Elie.
31st Jan Margaret Patrick, Spouse of John Ponton, Weaver, Rottenrow.
25th Feb Thomas Simpson, late Brewer to Mr Chalmers, Elie.
11th Mar John Reid, Doctor, Elie.
4th May Minnie Durkie, Spouse of William Pousty, Heckler, Elie.
24th May A man (name unknown) found by the Fishermen.
1st June Mary Lewchars, daughter of David Lewchars, Sailor.
4th July John Calman.
5th Sept John Wishart, son of James Wishart.
24th Sept Agnes Wright.
30th Sept A young child of Duncan McDonald, Sailor.
26th Oct Margaret Duncan, daughter of Thomas Duncan, Carter, Elie.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1810.
9th Jan James Ovenston, Innkeeper, Elie.
28th Apr David Robertson, son of Peter Robertson.
24th May Philip McIntosh.
12th June Elizabeth Duncan, Spouse of John Smith, Labourer, Elie.
15th June Elizabeth Craigie, Spouse of Craigie Smith, Shoemaker, Elie.
5th Aug John Wishart, Weaver, Elie.
20th Aug William Pousty, Heckler.
23rd Aug George Rankillor.
1st Sept Agnes Carmichael, daughter of the deceased James Carmichael.
2nd Sept Grisel Coventry, daughter of deceased William Coventry, and Spouse of Daniel Gilmour,
Shoemaker, Elie.
3rd Sept David Simpson, Sailor, son of William Simpson.
22nd Sept James Chapman, Mason.
2nd Oct Barbara Dickson, Spouse of William Hyndmarch.
15th Oct Christian Simpson, daughter of William Simpson, Tidewater, Elie.
2nd Nov David Patterson, son of James Patterson, Pitcorthie.
3rd Nov Catherine Duncan, Spouse of the deceased James Brown, Fisherman, Elie.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1811.
5th Jan Henny Ovenston, daughter of the deceased Charles Ovenston, Fisherman.
10th Jan George Swan, Weaver, Earlsferry.
21st Jan Margaret Iwne, Spouse of the deceased Philip McIntosh.
24th Jan James Bennet, son of William Bennet, Sailor, Elie.
15th Feb John Ingles, son of William Ingles, Farmer, Ardross.
22nd Feb James Todd, Cook, Asnaburgh Cutter.
11th Mar Margaret Bowie, Spouse of the deceased Alexander Thomson, Earlsferry.
1st Apr Michael Dewar, Carter, Elie.
29th May May Bridges, daughter of John Bridges, Baker, Elie.
24th July Peter Robertson, Mate of the Charlotte Cutter.
23rd Aug Thomas Smith, Sailor, Son of David Smith, Labourer. Killed by the falling of a block on
board the Asnaburgh Cutter, not far off Elie Harbour.
11th Oct Captain John Archibald, late packet Agent, Elie.
22nd Oct John Sime, son of John Sime, Mason.
29th Oct James Reekie, son of William Reekie, Ploughman, Ardross.
29th Nov Mary Ovenston, Spouse of William Govan, Tenant, Abercrombie.
20th Dec James Millar, son of John Millar, Mariner, Elie Taft.
27th Dec Grisel Wood, Spouse of the deceased Walter Brown, Shipmaster, Elie.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1812.
4th Jan Ann Ballingall, Spouse of the deceased Alexander Lessels.
21st Jan Margaret Taylor, Spouse of Walter Ovenston, Sailor, Elie.
31st Jan Mysie Wyllie, daughter of the deceased William Wylie, Elie.
31st Jan Maglin Milne, daughter of the late Alexander Milne, Shoemaker, Elie.
15th Feb Helen Milne, daughter of Alexander Milne, Shoemaker.
12th Apr Mrs Wilson, Midwife, Spouse of deceased John Wilson, Weaver, Elie.
17th June Elspet Duncan, Spouse of John Flee.
27th July Elizabeth Sime, Spouse of the deceased James Taylor, Elie.
7th Aug Margaret Cairns, Spouse of Andrew Paton, Sailor, Elie.
11th Sept A young child, granddaughter of John Scott, Tailor.
5th Nov Margaret Scott, Spouse of John Bridges, Baker, Elie.
7th Dec Mrs Fleming, Mother in law of George Berwick, Brewer.
23rd Dec A poor Scottish beggar man, name unknown.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1813.
6th Jan Jean Given, Spouse of the late William Horsburgh.
11th Mar Margaret Halkerstone, Spouse of the late Alexander Patterson.
15th Mar Margaret Bridges, daughter of John Bridges, Baker, Elie.
15th Mar Alexander Bennett, son of Alexander Bennett, Sailor, Elie.
18th Mar Mrs Cowie, Spouse of John Cowie.
11th Apr David Luke, Lint Miller, Elie.
8th June David Currie, Son of John Currie, Wright, Elie.
24th July Andrew Thomson, late Ship Master, Elie.
8th Aug Christian Sime, daughter of Alexander Sime, Mason, Elie.
18th Aug Margaret Beveridge, Spouse of the deceased Philip Galloway.
13th Sept Alexander Jervis, Earlsferry.
28th Oct Ann Langlands, Spouse of James White, Packet Master, Elie.
16th Nov William Boyd, son of William Boyd, Rottenrow.
8th Dec Ann Beveridge, daughter of the deceased John Beveridge, Weaver, Elie.
22nd Dec Ann Mays, Spouse of John Munrow, Earlsferry.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1814.
21st Jan Agnes Brown, Spouse of deceased William Ovenston, Taft.
18th Mar David Currie, Wright.
20th Mar Mr. Oliphant.
23rd Mar Andrew Ovenston, Spouse of William Bennet, Sailor.
24th Mar Robert Douglas, son of John Douglas, Weaver, Elie.
1st July Betty Byars, daughter of the deceased William Byars, Elie.
12th July Elspet Beveridge, daughter of the deceased John Beveridge.
12th July Grandchild of David Ballingall, Earlsferry.
12th Oct Mrs Patterson.
21st Oct Benjamin Calman, son of John Calman.
30th Oct John Tulloch.
12th Nov Agnes Ballingall, daughter of John Ballingall.
21st Nov Janet Dingwall, daughter of Andrew Dingwall, Wright.
19th Dec Andrew Paton, Mariner, Elie, aged 84 years.
20th Dec James Brown, Wright, Grandson of David Purvis.
27th Dec Helen Hutchison, daughter of Kenneth Hutchison, Sawyer.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1815.
2nd Jan Peter Boyd Senior, Tailor.
18th Jan William Ballingall, son of David Ballingall, Earlsferry.
6th Feb Christian Spalding, Spouse of John Adamson, Packet Agent, Elie.
27th Apr David Purvis, Flesher, Elie.
30th Apr Walter Bowman, Son of George Bowman, Shoemaker.
9th May Janet Robertson, daughter of Peter Robertson, Elie.
14th May Miss Sampson.
26th May Archibald McIntyre, Son of Mr McIntyre, Gauger, Elie.
23rd June Christian Sime, daughter of John Sime, Mason, Elie.
26th June Janet Durkie, Spouse of the deceased James Walker.
4th July Isabell Jarvis, daughter of Thomas Jarvis, Millwright, Colinsburgh.
10th Aug William Swan, son of George Swan, Baker, Elie.
10th Sept Jeanie Hay, daughter of John Hay, Sailor - 6 yards Southeast from Dunbar Stones.
15th Sept Isabell Wallace, Spouse of the deceased William Walker, Shoemaker, Elie.
26th Sept David Lyal, son of David Lyal, Weaver.
3rd Oct Janet Ovenston, daughter of Walter Ovenstone, Master of Elie and Leith Packet.
26th Oct David White, son of Thomas White, Wright.
29th Oct William Ovenston, son of Walter Ovenston.
5th Nov Mrs Robertson, Spouse of the deceased Peter Robertson.
4th Dec Ann Philp, daughter of Robert Philp, Shoemaker.
9th Dec Catherine Allan's child.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1816.
20th Feb James Clark, Seventh son of Edward Clark, Mariner, on board H.M.S. "Regent".
23rd Feb Janet Black, Spouse of David Boyd, Barnyards.
11th Apr Margaret Ballingall, Spouse of David Jack, Sailor, Earlsferry.
19th May Agnes Given, daughter of James Given, Mason, Elie.
19th May A young child of Mr Tillford's.
3rd June Mary Chapman, daughter of deceased James Chapman, Mason, Elie.
13th Aug James Younger, aged 85 years, Gardener, Newton, or Charleton.
30th Aug Catherine Wood, daughter of Dr. Wood, Cupar, Fife.
18th Sept Elizabeth Balram, Spouse of Peter Jarvis, Earlsferry - 4 yards South from Jarvis' tomb.
26th Sept Margaret Black, daughter of William Black.
4th Oct Alexander Duncan, killed at the Lint Mill, Elie.
5th Dec William Myles, Mason, Elie.
18th Dec Mrs Young, Spouse of Mr Young the First Mate of the "Wellington" Cutter.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1817.
20th Feb John Munrow, Earlsferry.
11th Apr John Alexander, Sailor, who was drowned by the upsetting of a boat near chapel point while
on it's way from Leith to Elie Harbour.
20th Feb Susan Ovenston.
13th Apr Nancy Pousty, daughter of Andrew Pousty, Weaver.
16th Apr William Pousty, son of Archibald Pousty, Heckler, Elie.
19th Apr Minnie Pousty, daughter of Archibald Pousty, Heckler.
23rd Apr John Wishart, son of James Wishart, Sailor.
23rd Apr Andrew Gray, son of Archibald Gray, Sailor.
1st May David Pousty, son of Archibald Pousty, Heckler.
2nd May William Calman, son of John Calman.
12th May John Wilkie, Natural son of John Wilkie, late Gardener, Elie House.
14th May John Lawson, son of Alexander Lawson, Farmer.
24th May Ann Davidson, daughter of deceased Simon Davidson, Weaver.
12th June William Brown, Weaver, Elie.
2nd July John Sim's young child.
20th July Helen Hastie, Spouse of James Pittillow.
25th Oct Elizabeth Chapman, daughter of the deceased Philip Chapman.
29th Oct Isabell Plenderleith, daughter of the deceased Benjamin Plenderleith.
8th Nov James Glendey, Heckler.
10th Nov John Buie, Colinsburgh.
11th Nov Christian Ness, Spouse of John Constable.
17th Nov Agnes Cummings, daughter of William Cummings.
28th Dec Robert Sime, son of William Sime, Mason.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1818.
6th Jan Agnes Herd, Spouse of the deceased William Douglas.
20th Jan Elizabeth Wallace, Spouse of deceased James Sime, Carpenter.
28th Jan Sir John Carmichael, Anstruther, Bart.
11th Apr John Duncan, Labourer.
2nd June Magdlen Milne.
27th July Jean Stevenson, daughter of the deceased James Stevenson.
30th July William Sime, son of Alexander Sime, Mason.
15th Aug Robert Thomson, Fisherman, Elie Taft.
25th Aug Helen Scott, daughter of the deceased Dr John Scott.
9th Oct David Marr, Blacksmith, Elie.
20th Nov James Ovenston, Shipmaster, son of John Ovenston, Taft.
4th Dec Joseph Ingles. Gardener, Balcaskie.
22nd Dec Elizabeth Maitland, Spouse of James Keddie.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1819.
7th Jan John Currie, son of John Currie, Wright, Elie.
21st Jan Hugh Swan, son of George Swan, Baker, Elie.
27th Jan William Ponton, Weaver, Rottenrow.
Feb Edward Sime, Ship Carpenter.
29th Mar Helen Baxter, spouse of the deceased Alexander Milne, Shoemaker.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1820.
1st Jan Robert Thom, Mason, son of the deceased Archibald Thom, Sailor.
17th Jan Christian Bowman, Spouse of the deceased George Bowman, Weaver.
2nd Feb Mrs Ponton, Spouse of William Ponton, Weaver, Rottenrow.
6th Feb Margaret Ovenstone, daughter of David Ovenstone, Fisherman, Taft.
10th Mar Jean Russel, Spouse of the deceased William Myles, Mason, Elie.
7th April Mrs Morris, Mother of John Morris, Baker.
17th Apr William Given, Mason, Elie.
21st Apr Alexander Archibald, Candlemaker.
19th May Andrew Thomson, son of Helen Latto.
18th Oct Robert Adamson.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1821.
5th Feb Euphemia Sharer, daughter of Charles Sharer, Sailor, Earlsferry.
Mar May Wyllie, a young woman, friend of George Richards.
25th Mar Agnes Lawson, daughter of Alexander Lawson.
22nd May Catherine Spense, spouse of Alexander Wood, Esq.
24th May Peter Jarvis, son of Peter Jarvis, Ballmonth.
29th Jun Isobell Morris, Spouse of Peter Given, Mason, Elie.
11th July Margaret Black, spouseof David Ballingall, Earlsferry.
24th July Agnes Gray, daughter of James Gray, Sailor.
16th Aug Janet Lyal, daughter of David Lyal, Weaver.
29th Aug Elizabeth Swan, daughter of George Swan, Baker.
15th Sept Janet Calman, Daughter of David Calman.
18th Sept Isobell Speed, daughter of Mr Speed, a Gentleman from Edinburgh.
14th Oct Hanna Rodney, Maidservant of Major McKay, Elie Lodge. A native of Ireland.
15th Oct James Givan, Weaver, Sometime Sergeant in the Volunteer Corps.

Elie and Earlsferry Gravestones 1822.
6th Feb John Davidson, son of Robert Davidson, Labourer.
7th Mar Mary Guthrie, daughter of John Guthrie, Sailor.
11th Apr ? Black, daughter of William Black, Currior, Colinsburgh.
1st June Margaret Philp, spouse of John Sime, late Ship Carpenter, Elie.

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