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Monday, March 31, 2008

Tour Meigle Churchyard Scotland

A beautiful day in Scotland, probably the best weather of the year thus far. Drove into Eastern Perthshire and took a tour of Meigle Churchyard, Scotland. Meigle is a village in Strathmore, Scotland.Meigle was an independent barony, held, from at least the time of William the Lion, by an old family who assumed the surname De Meigle. Over thirty sculptured stones have been discovered at Meigle, all found in or by the Parish Church of St Peter, and are housed in adjacent museum.

The Meigle Sculptured Stone Museum is housed in the former Victorian village school and contains an important collection of more than thirty Pictish Stones, many of them superbly carved. Meigle Pictish Stones are definitely worth viewing.

Sir Campbell-Bannerman was buried in the churchyard of Meigle Parish Church, Perthshire, near his home, Belmont Castle. A relatively modest stone plaque set in the exterior wall of the church serves as a memorial.

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