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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tour Newburgh Baptist Church Scotland

Hi Sandy, I am from Canada and I'm doing research on the history of my family. My great grandfather was a minister at Newburgh Baptist church in the early 1920's. I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find an old picture of the church. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Julie Fillion, Ontario, Canada.

Hi Julie, A friend of mine lives in that area of Fife, Scotland, and he has kindly taken a few photographs of the Newburgh Baptish Church as it is now. Fife Family History Society have a few photographs of past Newburgh Ministers. Haven't been able to find any old photos of the church, as yet. Sincerely, Sandy.

Thank you so much, Sandy and also to your friend for the pictures. You've both been a great help. I really appreciate it! Thanks again, Julie.

Old Newburgh contains many photographs of the town, with full descriptions.

"Newburgh parish forms the boundary of the county at its northwest corner. It is bounded by the River Tay, Abdie, Abernethy, Auchtermuchty and Collessie. The parish enjoys good seaward communication through the port of Newburgh, is traversed by the turnpike road from Cupar to Perth, and has a station on the Perth fork of the E P & D Railway. The main part of the Royal Burgh consists of one long street, a range of houses fronting the harbour, and a number of lanes leading down to the shore. A modern suburb on the south, Mount Pleasant, is in Abdie parish. Both the shops and the principal dwelling houses indicate considerable taste and prosperity on the part of the owners. Its situation on the Tay is exceedingly pleasant. The town house, with spire, was erected in 1808. The linen trade is the chief employer in the town. A considerable trade in grain is carried on, with a weekly fair for corn. The harbour consists of a long pier parallel to the river with 4 jetties at right angles to it. There are 20 vessels belonging to the port, of the aggregate burden of 1256 tons; and one packet is regularly engaged in conveying raw material and manufactured produce between the town and Dundee. The principal exports are lime, grain and potatoes; while coal, timber and other miscellaneous goods form the imports. There is a parish church in the burgh, and also 2 UP Churches. There is a Free Church for Newburgh and Abdie but it is situated in Abdie parish." edited from Westwood's Directory for the counties of Fife & Kinross published 1862. GENUKI Newburgh.

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