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Thursday, March 13, 2008

James Moncrieffe Scotland

Hi Sandy, I realise your business is Scottish tourism, but wondered if you have ever undertaken ancestral searches around your home region. I have 'hit a wall' with both my great granfather and great great grandfather. I have all details of my great grandfather, Dudley Paisley Moncrieffe except his date and place of birth, stated by him as Edinburgh. His father according to Dudley's marriage certificate, married in Bristol, was James Moncrieffe, a Doctor, who could have been born anytime between 1790 and 1825. Scottish records have no information on either of them but most Moncrieffe's, with our spelling variation, seem to originate from the villages in Fife. There is just a chance that you have seen a headstone for James Moncrieffe in a cemetry during your tours. Sorry to trouble you, Best regards, Chris Moncrieffe.

Thanks for your information Chris, although I haven't come across a James Moncrieffe gravestone as yet, perhaps a visitor to this Scottish Blog might have a photo or information.

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