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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tour Scotland April Testimonial

Tour Scotland April Testimonial. Hi Sandy, The photos have arrived. They are terrific. Thank you so much. The whole trip is such a pleasant memory. We appreciate all you did to make it so. Even the cloudy day photos are enjoyable. I can think of nothing but praise. I know you asked us to be truthful and help you to improve things. I cannot come up with anything but compliments. It is still amazing how fast you can drive on those narrow roads. With such beautiful scenery though your passengers hardly notice the speed. Continued good health to you, Pat Bracey.

Dear Pat, It was a pleasure to meet you, and share my Scotland with the four of you. I want to thank you for not letting the poor weather get you down in the slightest. I also want to mention that not only did I enjoy your company, but that the hotel staff have also told me how much they enjoyed having you as guests. You were wonderful ambassadors for your home State of Michigan. All the best from Scotland, Sandy Stevenson.

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