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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tour Dunbog Scotland

Tour Dunbog Scotland. Dunbog parish is bounded on the north by the Tay, on the south by Monimail, on the east by Flisk and Creich, and on the west by Abdie. It is three miles long by one mile broad. Area 1900 acres; under tillage 1700 acres; under pasture 250 acres; under wood 40 acres. The parish forms a rich valley lying between two ridges of hills, running from west to east, being parts of the Ochils. Most of the soil is a rich black mould, though shallow, and resting upon whinstone; in some parts the subsoil is sand or gravel; in others a hard till, or cold clay. Rent of land from £1 to £4-10s. While the valley produces abundant crops of every description of grain, from draining on a suitable subsoil, and other means, the south hill, which rises to a height of nearly 500 feet above sea level, is, generally speaking, barren and uncultivated; though the north hill is cultivated to the top, the want of fences is here severely felt; the breed of cattle is mixed, and the shorthorns preferred; the sheep are Cheviots and the black-faced breed. Being entirely an agricultural parish, there is neither coal, lime or freestone; though whinstone is abundant; coals have to be brought from the pits of Balbirnie or Coul, eight or nine miles distant. There are three heritors; Lord Dundas, now Earl of Zetland, Balfour of Fernie and Murray of Ayton. Patron: the Crown. Parish church only, no others. Parish school only, no others. No public house. The large village, with its weekly market, has disappeared, owing to the modern system of farming. The nearest market and post town is Newburgh, about four miles distant from the church. From A Descriptive and historic gazeteer of the counties of Fife, Kinross and Clackmannan, M Barberi, published 1857.

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