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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dunkeld Services Scotland

Flowers by Bruges.
Getting married in Dunkeld Cathedral, Perthshire, or elsewhere, specialising in flower arrangements for churches to castles, receptions to marquees, house parties to christenings, creating designs for pedestals to table centres, marquee poles to pew ends, bridal flowers including bouquets, buttonholes, etc. Co-ordinating colour, style and elegance for your special event.

Bank of Scotland
Bridge News letter
Cash Dispenser -The Cross
Chemist - 01350 727210

Church of Scotland
Services on 11 a.m. in Cathedral Easter Sunday until Armistice Sunday. Thereafter in Little Dunkeld Kirk in Birnam November to Palm Sunday.
Telephone: 01350 727249

St. Mary’s Episcopal
9.45 am and 11.30am (1st Sunday in month)
Telephone: 01350 728007

St. Columba’s RC
9 am in Birnam

Bridge St, Dunkeld
Telephone: 01350 728826

Craigvinean Surgery
Telephone: 01350 727269

Station Rd
Tuesdays 1 – 4p.m. Thursdays 1 – 4p.m; Fridays 10a.m – 12; Saturday 10a.m. – 12. Free Internet access. Word processing, excel and powerpoint facilities vailable. Travelling library every second Thursday at the North Car Park 10 – 11.30a.m.

Old Oak
School Lane
Telephone: 01350 727117

Young’s Garage for Petrol and car services
Perth Rd
Telephone: 01350 727276
Car repairs-servicing, MOT’S Petrol and Calor gas.

Telephone: 01796 472222

Post Office
Bridge St
Telephone: 01350 727257

Tourist Info Centre
The Cross
Telephone: 01350 727688

Station Rd
Telephone: 01350 727999

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