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Friday, January 05, 2007

Grews Well Dunkeld

Viewing the north-east from Craig-y-barns, the beholder sees a wild stretch of hilly country, in which there lies, secluded and desolate, a tiny roadside spring, once of more than local fame. This is the Grews Well, about six miles from Dunkeld. Many, many years ago, long be fore the Reformation, a chapel was erected there for the benefit of those who spent summer in the shielings tending their cattle and watching their flocks. Tradition and legend still busy themselves round the origin and fame of this Well. One tradition affirms that here a holy man retired from the world to meditate and pray in solitude. He used the pure water of the spring, and his use sanctified it. Another story finds in the proximity of the chapel a plea for the sanctity of the Well. It was the Well of the Holy Cross, Sancta Crux or Cruz, softened in local nomenclature to Grews Well. Whatever the reason, it was regarded as a Wishing Well and a Well which cured all diseases. Numerous indeed are the tales which circle around the Well.

Its fame is not confined to the immediate district. Thousands from all parts flocked to it in Roman Catholic times, arriving hurt and maimed, returning sound in mind and body; the font in use then, a rude stone basin.

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