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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kinnoull Churchyard Scotland

There are some fine carvings on tombstones in Kinnoull Churchyard, Perth, Scotland. One was erected by Alexander Duff, Boatman, to his wife who died in 1772 and their three children Jean, Alexander and Peter who all died in infancy. It shows an elaborate carving of a Boatman in his boat with an angel blowing a horn. There are some unusual epitaphs such as one to Charles Jackson who died in 1858 aged 54.

It reads:

The unexpected stroke,
When none were near to save,
The thread of life was broke,
And brought me to my grave.

And another to Peter McFarlane, Carpenter who died in 1801 aged 53.

It reads:

Death comes to mortals often by surprise
Death even to Genius a respite denies
Reader reflect, uncertain is thine hour
Prepare to meet your God, while in thy power.

Andrew Sharp (1782-1817) is buried here. He was a shoemaker to trade and also taught Art and Music as well as writing songs and poetry. After his death, a collection of his poems were published in 1820. He wrote his own epitaph several years before his death.
It reads:

Halt for a moment, passenger aand read
Here Andrew dozes in his daisied bed,
Silent his flute, and torn of the key,
His pencils scattered and the Muse set free.

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