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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Third Day Of A New Tour of Scotland

Castle Campbell Scotland. The third day of my latest small group tour of Scotland. Another beautiful day in Scotland, still quite cold but sunny and clear for most of the day. Today we toured Castle Campbell, Stirling Castle and Fowlis Wester.

Castle Campbell, Scotland. Dramatically situated above Dollar Glen, is the forbidding-looking 15th century fortress, Castle Campbell. The castle was the lowland stronghold of the Campbell earls of Argyll who were seldom far from the major political and religious events of late medieval Scotland.

Castle Campbell, Scotland.

Stirling Castle, Scotland. Stirling Castle History.

Stirling Castle, Stirling, Scotland.

Stirling Castle, Scotland.

Robert The Bruce Statue, Stirling, Scotland.

Wallace Monument, Scotland. A tower standing on the summit of Abbey Craig, a hilltop near Stirling, it commemorates William Wallace, the 13th century Scottish hero.

Fowlis Wester Church, Scotland. Fowlis Wester is a small hamlet located eleven miles west of Perth in Perthshire, Scotland. The 13th century church of St Bean, rebuilt in neo-medieval form by J. Jeffrey Waddell in 1927.

Fowlis Wester Sculptured Stone, Scotland. A tall cross-slab with Pictish symbols, figural scenes and ornate decoration can be see in the village church.

Fowlis Wester Sculptured Stone, Scotland.

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  1. Anonymous1:26 AM

    The castles are each so beautiful! ~LJ