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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tour Scotland Proverbs and Sayings

Dear Sandy, I have a friend that says when something is good or excellent the phrase is SPOT ON. He also says that people from Glasgow end their sentences most of the time with BY THE WAY. People from Belfast end their sentences with SO IT IS. Do you know of other phrases that are favorites around the UK ? Sincerely, Pamela J. Kerr-Enloe.

Lang may yer lum reek!
A Scottish salutation wishing long life and prosperity. Literally, long may your chimney smoke.

Haste ye back.
A Scottish phrase meaning; Come back to visit soon.

Givin' it laldy.
Scots for; Doing something with gusto.

Haud yer wheest!
Scottish for; Be quiet!

Fit Like?
An Aberdeen greeting, meaning how are you?

In the name of the wee man!
A Glasgow phrase meaning: Oh for goodness' sake.

You're a long time deid.
Scottish for; Enjoy life now.

Up to high doe.
Scottish for; In a state of anxiety.

High heid yin.
Scottish for; The boss; the highest in rank.

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