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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Scottish Climate

Just last year, on a tour of Scotland, a group of English tourists were travelling by train between Glasgow and Stirling. Seated quietly beside them were an eldery Scottish couple. The weather being wet, the tourists began to complain bitterly about the Scottish climate. Finally, one of them asserted that, "No English person could ever settle down in a region with such bad weather." By this time the train was emerging from Larbert station, and the old Scotsman spoke up;

"No English person settle down in this region?" echoed the old man, who had up until that moment not spoken. "That is nonesense," he added, "Just a little way down this railway track there is a place where five hundred have stayed for a long time."

"And where might that be?" asked several of the English tourists in unison.

"Bannockburn!" replied the old Scotsman.

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