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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Scottish Epitaph

Marion Scott died at Dunkeld, November 21st, 1727, at one hundred years of age, and was buried in the old Abbey. Her gravestone bears this inscription:

Stop, passenger, until my life you have read.
The living may get knowledge from the dead.
Five times five years I lived a virgin life.
Five times five years I was a virtous wife.
Ten times five years I lived a widow chaste.
Now, tired of this mortal life, I rest.
I, from my cradle to my grave, have seen
Eight mighty kings of Scotland and a queen.
Full twice five years the Commonwealth I saw,
Ten times the subjects rose against the law.
Twice did I see the old prelacy pulled down !
And twice the cloak was humbled by the gown.
And end of Stuart's race I saw; no More !!
I saw my country sold for English ore.
Such desolations in my time have been.
I have an end to all perfection seen.

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