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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Sma Glen Scotland

In the centre of the Sma Glen, a stupendous pass of the Perthshire Mountains, there is a huge stone of cubical form, designated Clach Ossian, or Ossian’s Stone. It is believed to have formed the primitive memorial stone of the great Celtic bard. When General Wade was constructing in 1746 the Highland road which passes through the glen, his men ascertained that Ossian’s Stone was resting on four large slab stones placed edgewise. On the removal of the formidable cover a chamber was discovered about two feet square, in which were contained the debris of bones and fragments of coins. The opening of the tomb caused the natives to assemble from vast distances. They took up the slabs, and the relics which they enclosed, and carried them in solemn procession to a sequestered spot among the hills, where they reinterred them amidst the sound of martial music. The Sma Glen by Rev. Charles Rogers. Tour Perthshire.

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