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Friday, February 09, 2007

Scottish Humour

I love Scottish Humour, and like to share it, as best I am able. It is very different from English Humour, which is far less self-analytical, or real to life. There is a sad, quiet, almost mournful streak about Scottish humour. Much of it expressed in the face of death, or in the old churchyard on the side of the glen, or in the deep moroseness of over indulgence in beer and whisky. Much of Scotland's humour stems from our social conditions of the past, and from our history. For too many years we were the underdog of the English; but in humour, we were always their masters. We Scots are at the same time both serious and witty, and much of our humour contains great wisdom. Scottish Humour.

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  1. Greetings from Sri Lanka. I studied in Scotland for my MBA (Strathclyde Grad. Business School, Glasgow). Climbed one mountain - Heasgarnish as part of the MBA batch challenge. But did not do much travelling, unfortunately. But would some day, hopefully.

    After reading Seal Morning recently, I felt nostalgic about the big open spaces of Scotland. Looking for blogs, found yours. Nice stuff. Short and sweet too. Keep it up.

    Drop in at my blog sometime: