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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tour Scotland Landscape

A natural fondness for ones birthplace is a common enough emotion. Scots, though, seem to have an incredible attachment to the land of their birth. It is "obvious" to all Scots that Scotland is the most beautiful country on the planet, and nothing will ever dissuade them of that belief. Native Scots, like myself, no matter where they travel, still feel the pull of the Lochs, Glens and Seascapes of home.

Tour Scotland.

Love of the land, of its proud capital city, of its country places, and islands remote and mysterious, is a strong vein in the Scot. He is the son of a hundred generations of warriors, and worships the chivalrous kings and fair queens and witty bards of bygone years and the lost causes and forlorn hopes and red defeats and hardships that fill the most precious pages of their story, nor is the ancient spirit of their fortitude and chivalry fled. Empire and the Great War are witnesses to that, and the Scottish soul dares yet wilder dreams of chivalry beyond all that ever was or can be, and stands fast for Freedom still, “though ever so poor,” ready to welcome pain and many a stark renunciation. By W. H. Hamilton.

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