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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tour Scotland Fishing

Catholes and Luncarty Fishings, Location, Lower River Tay, near Stanley, Scotland


Five year average: 121 salmon/grilse, and 11 sea trout.
Catholes double bank fishing, 13 pools, 1 boat, 1 hut.
Luncarty Pool .5 mile bould bank fishing, 5 pools, 1 boat, 1 hut.

Description. These beats offer a good variety of fishing during the summer and autumn months. Catholes is situated about 7 miles from the tidal reaches at the upper part of the village of Stanley. Luncarty is a small beat about 4 miles from the tidal reaches at the village of Luncarty.

They are fished together on an alternative day basis from Monday 2nd July until the end of the season in October.

During the period of Monday 30th April until Saturday 30th June the Catholes is fished on both banks on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Meanwhile Luncarty is fished on both banks on a Tuesday, Thursday and a Saturday from Monday 30th April until Saturday 5th May thereafter only on the Luncarty bank 6 days a week until Saturday 30th June. During the summer months (30th April to 28thh July) the beats are fished from the bank by summer permits without the assistance of Ghillies and boats unless requested. The cost of a permit during this period is £85.00 and should be applied for through the beat contact however individual days will be available as well.

Also during the period of 7th May until 16th June a Sea Trout only permit is available at a cost of £50.00 subject to fly fishing only with the maximum of an 11'3 Trout rod again on application to the beat contact.

Luncarty is fished on both banks on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and Catholes is fished on both banks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Monday 2nd July.

Catholes: Offers a good variety of fishing with a weir crossing the river at the top of the Beat.

The fishing is spinning and fly fishing from bank and boat in mostly small easily covered pools. It fishes 6 rods per day and has 1 boat and an excellent hut at the side of the river.

Has 13 named pools including The Slap, The Pot, Gean Tree, Little Cast, Catholes stream, Black stones, back Dam, Lucknow, Eric's, Geoff's, Freddie's Woodside and the Little Head.

Luncarty Pool is small beat of about half a mile long. It fishes well in high water but has proved a good resting place in low water as well. The mouth of the Shochie and Ordie burns come in at the top of the beat making an attractive stopping off point for passing salmon and sea trout.

The beat makes for good fly and spin fishing from the boat in high water and from the bank in lower water at a very reasonable price in early season.

It fishes 4 rods, has 1 boat and a fishing hut.

The beat has 5 named pools including the Shochie, Big Stone, Eddys, Cadgers and the Willow.

How to Book. Please take the availability link below and check that the rods you want are available. Then follow the instructions at the bottom of that page.

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Contact Details

Stanley Fishings
Benchil View
Perth Road

Tel: +44(0)1738 827416

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