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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Clan MacDonald Tours of Scotland

Clan MacDonald Tours of Scotland. The MacDonalds of Clanranald take their name from Ranald, younger son of John, 1st Lord of the Isles. In 1373 he received a grant of the North Isles and other lands, and from him are descended the families of Moidart, Morar, Knoidart and Glengarry.

During the 15th century there were fierce feuds amongst the branches of the Clan Donald and early in the following century Clanranald received from John of Sleat, all the latter's estates. On the death of Ronald Bane, 5th chief, the clan, opposing his son Ranald's claim, elected his cousin John of Moidart as chief.

Fraser of Lovat supported Ranald, and John of Moidart, with Clanranald, was assisted by the MacDonnells of Keppoch and the Clan Cameron in the struggle that followed. The campaign ended in the famous Battle of Blar-na-Leine (Field of the Shirts) in 1544, so called because owing to the heat of the day, the combatants removed their upper garments to enable them to fight more fiercely.

The Frasers were defeated and John of Moidart retained the chiefship and possessions of Clanranald. The Queen Regent pardoned John and his supporters in 1555. He died in 1584. The MacDonalds of Clanranald found an outlet for their warlike spirit by serving under the Marquess of Montrose in the 17th century.

The clan was represented at Killiecrankie by 500 men under the young chief, a boy of sixteen years old. At Sheriffmuir the chief of Clanranald was killed, and in the '45 Clanranald was very closely associated with the Rising. It was on Clanranald land that Prince Charlie raised his standard, and after Clanranald supporting him throughout all his campaign, it was in Clanranald territory in Benbecula and Uist that the Prince took refuge before embarking for France.

Septs of Clan: MacDonald (Clan Donald, North and South): Beath, Beaton, Bethune, Colson, Connall, Connell, Darroch, Donald, Donaldson, Donillson, Donnellson, Drain, Galbraith, Gilbride, Gorrie, Gowan, Gowrie, Hawthorn, Hewison, Houstoun, Howison, Hughson, Hutcheonson, Hutcheson, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Isles, Johnson, Kean, Kellie, Kelly, Keene, Kinnell, Mac A' Challies, MacBeth, MacBeath, MacBheath, MacBride, MacCaishe, MacCall, MacCash, MacCeallaich, MacCodrum, MacColl, MacConnell, MacCook, MacCooish, MacCrain, MacCuag, MacCuish, MacCuithein, MacCutcheon, MacDaniell, Macdrain, MacEachran, MacEachern, MacElfrish, MacElheran, MacGorrie, MacGorry, MacGoun, MacGowan, MacGown, MacHugh, MacHutchen, MacHutcheon, MacIan, Macilreach, Maciltiach, Macilleriach, Macilrevie, Macilvride, Macilwraith, MacKean, MacKellachie, MacKellaig, MacKelloch, MacKinnell, MacLairish, MacLardie, MacLardy, MacLarty, MacLaverty, MacLeverty, MacMurchie, MacMurdo, MacMurdoch, MacO'Shannaig, MacQuistan, MacQuisten, MacRaith, MacRorie, MacRory, MacRuer, MacRurie, MacRury, MacShannachan, MacSorley, MacSporran, MacSwan, MacWhannell, Martin, May, Murchie, Murchison, Murdoch, Murdoson, O'Drain, O'May, O'Shannachan, O'Shaig, O'Shannaig, Purcell, Revie, Reoch, Riach, Rorison, Shannon, Sorley, Sporran, Train, Whannell.

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