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Friday, January 04, 2008

Clan MacDougall Tours of Scotland

Clan MacDougall Tours of Scotland. The name Macdougall can be traced back to the powerful and ancient Lordship of the Isles of Western Scotland. One of the most powerful lords was Somerled, whose son, Dougall, held most of Argyll and the islands of Mull, Lismore, Jura, Tiree and Coll amongst others making, Dougall an important figure during the 12th century.

His son Duncan and grandson, Ewan, defended their vast territories through the construction of various castles including Dunstaffnage, Dunollie and Duntrune on the mainland and their islands, Aros, Cairnburgh, Dunchonnel and Coeffin.

In 1263 King Haakon of Norway planned an invasion of the west of Scotland. Ewan Macdougall was asked to join the invasion fleet but decided against it. In 1294 John Macdougall, the Lame, led the clan into battle against the Campbells. The Macdougalls however, were cut off on the path of Lorn between Loch Avich and Scammadale by the Campbells who managed to gain a strategic advantage over the Macdougalls.

The clan was led into further disputes upon the marriage of Alexander Macdougall to a sister of John Comwyn, the Lord of Badenoch. John's son, known as the Red Comwyn, was killed by Robert the Bruce at Greyfriars Church in Dumfries in May 1306. The Macdougalls had challenged the power of the Bruce but this was soon to change as his power base grew. Bruce had his revenge two years later when he led three thousand men against the Macdougalls. John of Lorne attempted to ambush them but was arrested in 1318 and incarcerated for his opposition to Bruce.

The Macdougalls fought for the Stuarts at the Battle of Sheriffmuir in 1715 under the 22nd chief, Ian Ciar. The chief fled Scotland but returned, living in secret until 1727 when he was pardoned. His son Alexander was responsible for the construction of a modern house behind Dunollie Castle which was extended by Vice Admiral Sir John Macdougall of Macdougall.

Septs of Clan: Conacher, Cowan, MacConacher, MacCoull, MacCowan, MacDulothe, MacHowell, MacLintock, MacLucas and Macoull.

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