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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Clan Ogilvie Tours of Scotland

Clan Ogilvie Tours of Scotland. The lands of Ogilvy are in Angus. The name derives from the old British, 'Ocel-fa' or 'high plain' .

Angus was a kingdom in Pictish times ruled by a mormaer, one of the ancient Celtic nobles of Scotland who became the first earls. The title of Mormaer of Angus became Earl of Angus.

Gillebride, Earl of Angus, gave the lands of Ogilvy to his son, Gilbert, some time before 1177. Patrick de Ogilvy appears on the Ragman Roll of nobles swearing fealty to Edward I of England in 1296.

The Ogilvys became hereditary sheriffs of Angus in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. When Sir Patrick Ogilvy commanded the Scottish forces fighting with Joan of Arc against the English, he was styled 'Viscomte d'Angus'.

Sir Walter Ogilvy, younger son of Ogilvy of Wester Powrie, was appointed Lord High Treasurer of Scotland in 1425. He had numerous sons. His eldest, Sir John Ogilvy of Lintrathern received a charter to the castle and lands of Airlie in 1459. Sir John's son, Sir James Ogilvy of Airlie, was appointed ambassador to Denmark in 1491 and advanced to the ranks of the peerage as Lord Ogilvy of Airlie in the same year.

The seventh Lord Ogilvy was created Earl of Airlie in April 1639. The earl and his sons joined Montrose to oppose the enemies of Charles I, and the earl fought with distinction at Montrose's victory at Kilsyth.

The family name is also renowned in Scotland's religious history. Born in Banff in 1579, John Ogilvie was a Jesuit priest who worked in central Scotland. He was arrested and hanged at Glasgow Cross in 1615 for his defence of the spiritual supremacy of the papacy.

Septs of Clan: Airlie, Findlater, Futhie, Gilchrist, MacGilchrist, Mill, Milne, Ogilby, Ogilvie, Ogilvy, Richardson, Storey, Storie, Storrie.

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