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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Clan Rose Tours of Scotland

Clan Rose Tours of Scotland. The family of de Ros seems to have been strongly connected with two other Norman families, the de Boscos and the de Bissets. The family of the chief of this clan, Rose of Kilravock, settled in the county of Nairn during the reign of David I in the 12th century.

There is documentary evidence to prove that their first designation appears to have been "of Geddes," in the county of Inverness, as Hugh Rose appears as a witness to the foundation of the charter of the Priory of Beauly by Sir John Bisset of Lovat in 1219.

His son and successor, Hugh, acquired the barony of Kilravock through his marriage with Mary, who was the daughter of Sir Andrew de Bosco, by Elisabeth, his wife (who was the co-heiress of Sir John Bisset of Lovat). The barony has remained with the family through to the present day.

In 1433, John Rose, the 6th chief of Kravock, received confirmation of his lands from James I. The Barons of Kilravock intermarried with the first families in the north and filled various situations of high trust and honour. The Castle is an old picturesque building situated on the bank of the River Nairn. It was built by John Roses son, Hugh the 7th Baron, in 1460. It is still inhabited and contains much old armour, portraits and family relics.

The seat of the chief is still the Castle of Kilravock, which has been the residence of the Roses ever since 1460. The Roses of Kilravock were diplomatic in their relation with their neighbours and consequently lived peaceably compared with most other clans.

Septs of Clan: Geddas Geddeis Geddes Geddess Geddis Gedes Rose.

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