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Friday, January 04, 2008

Clan MacLennan Tours of Scotland

Clan MacLennan Tours of Scotland. The name is Gaelic in origin MacGille Finnan meaning 'son of the servant of St Finnan.' Who this person was is unknown as the history of the MacLennans is particularly complex. The name Filan itself is derived from the Celtic Faelchu meaning 'wolf.'

The MacLennans settled around Kintail and say that they are related to the Logans, who also held lands round Easter Ross. The MacLennans, along with the MacRaes, were adamant MacKenzies supporters and may have been custodians of the great castle at Eilean Donan.

Clan MacLennan played little part in either of the Jacobite uprisings although eleven MacLennans are recorded as being taken prisoner after Culloden. After the terrible defeat, the clan system began to fall apart with many Highlanders emigrating to other parts of the world.

There are MacLennan mountains in New Zealand and a MacLennan County in Texas in the United States. The family also developed a great tradition as pipers. MacLennans were town pipers in Inverness in the early 16th century, played at the Battle of Waterloo, and regularly won competitions.

Septs of Clan: Gilfiman, Gillfiman, Gilfillian, Lennan, Lennon, Leonard, Leonerd, Loban, Lobban, Logan, Lyndon, MacAlenon, MacAlinden, MacAlonan, MacClennen, MacClendon, MacLenden, MacLendon, MacLennan, MacLennon, MacLyndon, McClendon, McLandon, McLendon, McLennan, McLennon, MackLenddon, MackClenden, MackLendin, MackLendon, Meclendon.

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