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Friday, January 04, 2008

Clan MacInnes Tours of Scotland

Clan MacInnes Tours of Scotland. The name MacInnes has Celtic origins and comes form the Gaelic 'Macaonghuis' which translates as 'son of Angus'. The earliest reference to these 'sons of Angus' are to be found in 'Senchus Fer n'Alban' ('History of the Men of Scotland') which was a 7th century chronicle.

The MacInneses were to be found around Morvern and held Kinlochaline Castle in 1645. It is famous as a romantic and picturesque ruin with high walls and battlements that are protected by steep rocky drops. They held the castle but did not possess it and were dependant upon the Campbells for their fortunes.

The MacInneses eventually sought their fortunes abroad and General John MacInnes served as an officer for the East India Company. He eventually decided to return to his native Britain, settling in London.

The influence of the MacInneses was felt in Canada when Donald MacInnes travelled there to establish his fortunes as a merchant. His popularity grew and he eventually served the state as a Senator. .

The MacInneses were part of the mass migration throughout the later half of Scottish history which has left the clan scattered throughout the world; the name MacInnes can particularly be found in New Zealand and Canada.

Septs of Clan: Angus, Canch, Cansh, Caunce, Hance, MacAngus, MacAinish, MacAinsh, MacAneiss, MacAninch, MacAninsh, MacAnish, MacAnsh, MacAonghais, MacAonghuis, MacCainsh, MacCance, MacCanchie, MacCanish, MacCans, MacCansh, MacEnys, MacGinnes, MacGinnis, MacGuenis, Machans, MacHinch, MacInch, MacInish, MacInnes, MacInnis, MacInnisch, MacInnish, MacKance, MacKants, MacKinnes, MacKinness, MacKinnis, MacKinnish, MacKynes, MacQuinnes, Magennis, McAinish, McAneiss, McAngus ,McAninch, McAnish, McAnsh, McCainsh, McCance, McCanchie, McCanish, McCans, McCansh, McEnys McGinnes, McGinnis, McGuenis, McHinch, McInish, McInnes, McInnisch, McInnish, McInnis, McInsh, McKants McKance, McKinnes, McKinness, McKinnis, McKinniss, McKinnish, McKynes, Kinnes, Kinnis, Kynnes.

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