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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Clan MacLachlan Tours of Scotland

Clan MacLachlan Tours of Scotland. Although the origin of this clan is disputed, it is thought that Aodh Anrothan (Hugh the Solitary), the son of Aodh Athlone O'Neill, travelled to Scotland from Ireland in the early 11th century.

In 1132, Gillecrist Macfinguni and Gillecrist mac Cormoic witnessed several Grants made on behalf of the Abbeys of Paisley and Lennox, and until 1241 the MacLochlainns were virtually the rulers of Ulster, until they suffered defeat at the hands of King Brian O'Neill. In 1292 King John Balliol erected Argyll into a sheriffdom and Gillescop MacLachlan, the 4th Chief, was one of the twelve barons whose lands where encompassed within the sheriffdom which included his lands in Ergadia.

Patrick, brother of Archibald MacLachlan, married one of James the Steward of Scotland's daughters, and had a son, Lachlan, who succeeded him. Lachlan's son, Donald, confirmed in 1456, the grant by his predecessor Archibald, to the Preaching Friars of Glasgow of forty shillings yearly out of the lands of Kilbride, with an additional annuity of six shillings and eight-pence from his lands of Kilbryde near Castellachlan.

The MacLachlans followed the Earls of Mar to the Battle of Sheriffmuir. In 1745 the MacLachlans rallied to Prince Charles Edward Stuart. The chief was appointed to the prince's staff as commissary general. The MacLachlan colours were burned on the Duke of Cumberland's orders by the public hangman at Edinburgh.

Septs of Clan: Ewan, Ewen, Ewing, Gilchrist, Lachlan, Lauchlan, MacEwan, MacEwen, MacGilchrist.

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