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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Clan Cameron Tours of Scotland

Clan Cameron Tours of Scotland. It is generally believed that the first chief was Donald Dubh, who was descended from the Macgillonies or the mediaeval Camerons of Ballegarno. Donald Dubh, born c1400, helped to establish his fortunes when he married the heiress of the Macmartins of Letterfinlay. He became famous when he gathered tribes together into the confederation of Clan Cameron, a united Clan with a strong leadership. Henceforth the chiefs were called Captains of Clan Cameron until the 16th century when the lands of Lochiel were raised into a Barony. It was some time during the 15th and 16th centuries, about the time of Alan Macdonald Dubh, that the three hundred year feud with the Mackintoshes was begun. This, however, was not the only conflict the clan was involved in. The great 16th chief Ewan Macallan helped the Lordship of the Isles during a failed revolt. In 1629 Sir Ewan, one of the best known chiefs, was born. He was a Royalist for which he was knighted by the Duke of York in Edinburgh. His grandson was known as ‘gentle’ Lochiel and he spent much of his time upon improving his estates and holdings but he did come out for the great rising of ’45 after a personal meeting with Bonnie Prince Charlie. After the disaster at Culloden Cameron lands were ravaged and many holdings destroyed. It was not until 1748 that the estate was returned to the family upon the payment of a large fine. Lochiel’s grandson, Donald, requested the held of James Gillespie, the Scottish architect, to build a new house in 1802, however the project was not completed in his lifetime. During WWI the 25th Chief raised four additional battalions of the Cameron Highlanders and in 1934 Lochiel was created a Knight of the Thistle, a title that his son, the next chief was also rewarded in 1973.

Septs of Clan: Chalmers, Kennedy, MacChlerich, MacChlery, MacGillonie, Macildowie, MacKail, Maclerie, MacMartin, MacOnie, MacOurlic, MacPhail, MacSorley, MacUlric, Macvail, MacWalrick, Martin, Paul, Sorley, Taylor.

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