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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Clan Buchanan Tours of Scotland

Clan Buchanan Tours of Scotland. The earliest members of Clan Buchanan were settled in the shores of Loch Lomond where lands were granted by one of the powerful Celtic Earls of Lennox to one ‘Absalon’ c.1225; Absalon is thought to have been of Irish descent, seeking refuge from the Danes, in Scotland. By 1282 Morris of Buchanan received a renewed charter that granted the lands of Buchanan with baronial rights from the 6th Earl of Lennox; this was a time when feudalism was rapidly developing in Scotland after the influence of the Norman Conquest. Upon the death of the last chief in 1682 the lands of Buchanan were to be passed to the Arnprior branch of the family but had to be sold to cover vast debts. The chiefship passed to the Buchanans of Spittal in 1762. The Mansion House, once held by Clan Buchanan, left the family and is now held by the Graham Dukes of Montrose. Other famous Buchanans include the poet and Protestant reformer George Buchanan who was born in Killearn, Stirlingshire, in 1506. He was the third son of Buchanan of Drumikill and moved to Paris c.1520 to study further. He escaped to France after he was to be imprisoned after crossing Cardinal Beaton. He started his literary career and returned to Scotland c.1560. Two years later he was became a Classics tutor to a young Mary, Queen of Scots. He was however, appointed preceptor and tutor to a young James VI after his mother surrendered the throne. George Buchanan is seen as being responsible for James VI’s academic ability and cunning. He was the Moderator of the General Assembly from 1570 to 78 and the Keeper of the Privy Seal; he died in 1582. The clan has not been led by a chief since the 17th century and as a consequence they are not present on the Standing Council of Scottish chiefs. Despite this a significant clan society does exist that promotes the clan today.

Septs of Clan: Colman, Cormack, Cousland, Dewar, Dove, Dow, Gibb, Gibbon, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilbertson, Harper, Harperson, Leavy, Lennie, Lenny, MacAldonich, MacAlman, MacAslan, MacAslin, MacAuselan, MacAuslan, MacAusland, MacAuslane, MacAlman, MacAlmont, MacAmmond, MacAsland, MacChruiter, MacColman, MacCormack, MacCubbin, MacxCubbing, MacCubin, MacGeorge, MacGibbon, MacGreuisich, MacGubbin, MacInally, MacIndeor, MacIndoe, MacKinlay, MacKinley, MacMaster, MacMaurice, MacMurchie, MacMurchy, MacNeur, MacNuir, MacNuyer, MacQuattie, MacWattie, MacWhirter, Masters, Masterson, Morrice, Morris, Morrison, Murchie, Murchison, Richardson, Risk, Rusk, Ruskin, Spittal, Spittel, Walter, Walters, Wason, Waters, Watson, Watt, Watters, Weir, Yuill, Yool, Yule, Zuill.

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