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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas In Scotland

Christmas, or Yuletide, has never been celebrated in Scotland to the same extent as Hogmanay, though that is changing. As might be expected there is a Yule Bannock, which was divided into farls or quarters by the sign of the cross. The bannocks were baked before dawn on the morning of Christmas Day, and one given to each member of the family. If it could be kept intact until the evening meal this augered good fortune for the coming year. If broken, or nibbled, good fortune would be broken too. However, this round bannock, like so many others, has an earlier origin linked to the sun. Most of Scotland's traditional" Christmas celebrations, other than the religious festival, originated in the 19th century; Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband, had a lot to do with it, and so England and Scotland developed the same traditions from around that time, Christmas trees, decorations, Santa Claus, presents, stockings at the end of the bed, Christmas Carols, Christmas cards etc. Christmas cards are said to have been invented in Great Britain in the mid-nineteenth century.

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