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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Scottish Character

It has been rightly said that there are as many sides to the Scottish character as there are checks in a plaid. History, climate, and physical features have combined to produce the proverbially undemonstrative and thrifty Scot with his strongly developed sense of independence. But there are other equally prominent features in his make-up; and all the reliable estimates of the character of the Scot portray him also as a severely practical man, hard-working, competent, educated and hard-headed.

In moving about his world, the Scot is concerned primarily with the practical use of things. When an old Scottish farmer was shown St Paul's Cathedral for the first time, his only comment was, "Man, it would hold a terrible, lot of hay."

And when the mayor of a major Scottish city was asked to express an opinion about the Pyramids his summing up was simply, "What a lot of masonry work and no rent coming in."

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