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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Scottish Hangover Cures

Scottish home cures and “old wife” remedies were used more in former times than they are now.

For headaches, and hangovers, a house-leek was pounded and made into a poultice. These plants were easily got as they grew on the roof of many an old Scottish cottage, but seemed to favour the old grey slates rather than the newer blue ones.

The juice of primroses was used as a lotion for, and sage was used not only for flavouring but also for stomach trouble. Sage “tea” also did for a hair-wash!

Rosemary was usually “for remembrance,” but apparently, according to the herbi-wives or skilly buddies, it was also good for the liver!!

Violet leaves were used for swellings, and a brew of camomile flowers was useful in cases of sleeplessness-and gumboils!. Auld Scottish Grannies' Remedies.

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